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Pyramid-building levitation technology revealed?


That’s on a sign created by Edward Leedskalnin (1887-1951), the founder the “Coral Castle” in Homestead, Florida.  What’s eerie about this attraction is that it may have been created with the same highly advanced technology for levitating heavy objects, as some researchers think the Egyptians used to build the pyramids.

Embedded in the contstruction are cryptic clues that seem to link the use of a magnetic flywheel device with the ability to move heavy objects, among other things, says Jeremy Stride of  Stride’s research also indicates a strong link with advanced “building” knowledge in freemasonry, and exposes clues which seem to corroborate Stride’s interpretation of the Coral Castle enigma can be found in Grand Masonic Lodge in Philadelphia.

Discernment is required, but in any case, this tale is quite an interesting one indeed!  How this secretive, small-framed man could have erected such a structure completely by himself and under the cover of night is intriguing.